LGBTQA community

Hanumanteshwar LGBTQA community center works on various issues addressing and advocating the social, economic, legal, psychological, spiritual and health aspects of sexual minorities (Gay, Bisexual and Transgender population) in the western Indian state of Gujarat, and is open to all.

This is an up-and-coming resource center serving the LGBTQA (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Ally) community. It will host weekly social/support meetings, offers a fabulous library,computer resource training job skill development, a music room for therapy, a conference center, community kitchen, medical clinic and housing and brings LGBTQA-related events to the western Indian State of Gujarat area.

We aim to build hope and understanding; promote equality, cohesion, and visibility in the community; and elicit action and spread truth through education. Our mission is to be a catalyst for these things through which all people regardless of their sexual orientation, identity, expression or preference may enjoy the same rights, stability and serenity enjoyed by most today. We are here to support the endeavors of the LGBTQA community.

Everyone is welcome regardless of sexual orientation, identity, or expression. No discrimination of ANY kind is tolerated in our affairs. People of all ages, social standing, education, nationality, religion, race, creed, circumstance, heritage, etc. are welcome! This is a place to be true to yourself without any judgment or fear.

Although our community and our allies may not be as visible as in other locales, our presence is great. All of us are integral parts of society and as such we are obligated to stick together, help one another, and set an example for generations of peaceful people to come.

Your participation and help are always needed! We operate on volunteer effort and donations.