India’s LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare and Community Center MOVEMENT

Ray Evertsen

Ray Evertsen, Executive Director for India's LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare and Community Center MOVEMENT.

Born in Huntington Beach, California with Dutch and Indonesian ancestry, his career spans from the United States military and commercial aviation on Air Force One, to the iconic Pan American World Airways and distinctive Delta Airlines. Ray has served in positions such as, CEO, COO and other executive level positions for organizations in their worldwide operations in high tech, online mobile banking and transfers, health services, architectural interior design, and energy procurement.

A visionary strategist, Ray’s entrepreneurial spirit is apparent from his continuous drive to leverage business, marketing and technical acumen to maximize revenue and competitive advantage.  An innovator with an innate ability to identify and capitalize on market trends and achieve growth objectives.

Proven ability to challenge and lead cross functional and multi-lingual team from difference cultures to enroll into the common goal and complete. Expertise in cultivating an environment that attracts and develops talent, fosters satisfaction and loyalty, and encourages ownership and employee engagement in the workplace.


Hannah Farah

Hannah Farah, Executive Director for India's LGBTQ HIV/AIDS Healthcare and Community Center MOVEMENT.

Hannah Farah, born in Sierra Leone and raised in Australia, she is a highly talented and experienced business development and administration management professional with a strong creative flair and ability to direct successful business operations, both for private VIP clients and public companies. She is adept in creating marketing plans, sales, customer services, and daily operational activities, and has proven success in managing large volume companies with a high success rate.

For over 15 years she has been involved in the Gulf Cooperation Council-GCC and United Kingdom regions, managing high-end retail stores, directing royal family’s private offices, residential properties and events. Having directed, managed, and coordinated 200 junior and senior staff overseeing front and back operations, she has the proven ability to increase revenue and client satisfaction. Her experiences also include luxury retail management, marketing and public relations on a global stage, with the innate and r significant skill in budget development, purchasing, reorganization, training, forecasting, and vender negotiation and media relations.

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