HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention

Lakshya Trust aims to work for the overall betterment of MSM population and GBT (Gay Bisexual Transgender) communities pertaining to issues of Sexuality, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Social Security and Social and Emotional wellbeing of the GBT (Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Communities.

Objectives of our HIV/AIDS work:

The objectives of this project are to increase condom distribution and usage, reduce incidents of STIs, promote treatment of STIs and lessen STD and HIV/AIDS prevalence, mainstream the issues of HIV/AIDS and MSM, collectivize and empower HIV positive MSM, HIV positive female partners of MSM and HIV positive Hijras (Transgenders) as well as promotion of scientific researches thus increasing safe sex and health seeking behaviors.

FEMALE Partners of MSM:

How do we work with female partners of MSM?
  • We started with Reproductive child health program with the ongoing HIV/AIDS prevention project in 2004.
  • Identifying female peer educators who are female partners of MSM.
  • Interviewing female partner of MSM.
  • Conducting focus group discussions with the group.
  • Case studies of female partners of MSM.

Out Come
  • Presently we work with 100 females.
  • Majority of them were not aware about the knowledge of HIV/AIDS.
  • Most of these females were subjected to oral, anal & vaginal penetration by their male Partners.
  • Awareness level about condom (14% regular users & 86% irregular users)
  • Out of 100, 45 females reported STIs symptoms like syphilis, gonorrhea & mixed in infection.
  • Female partners of bisexual men lack the power of choice in using/ not using condoms during sexual activities.

Mental and sexual health issues of female partners of MSM.
  • Depression.
  • Feelings of emotional dissatisfaction.
  • Frustration.
  • Irritation due to partner’s sexuality (kothi & bisexual).
  • Emotional crisis.
  • Adjustment problems.
  • Feelings of being cheated.
  • Forced for anal & oral sex by male partner.
  • Non treatment of STI’s due to shame and lack of knowledge.