AGEING with pride - LGBT Seniors (old Centre for GLBT Seniors)


With increasing focus on youth population for HIV/Aids prevention, the current HIV /Aids programmmes have almost sidelined the future issues related to the senior LGBT groups and those infected with HIV. Prince Manavendra Singh Gohil has set a benchmark by establishing the old age home for GBT seniors. Lakshya trust and the founder trustee Prince Manavendra Singh Gohil felt that it was important to address the issues of senior LGBT groups as the HIV/Aids awareness programmmes globally focus only on young and sexually active LGBT groups. It has also been observed that most LGBTs at very young age are disinherited from their homes or are living independently due to family pressures for marriage etc. With increasing age or being infected, they constantly face issues related to livelihood, accommodation and care.

Most of the senior LGBTs do not have access to health insurance or Ration cards which makes it difficult to meet their basic necessities and live a quality life. They have to face lots of domestic violence and therefore, endangering their basic right to freedom. No financial support and poor savings makes them dependent as therefore unwillingly have to stay at their homes with their families irrespective of all the pressures and discrimination to get their basic needs fulfilled.

Proper Medical & health care is usually neglected area and therefore Lakshya Trust along with Prince Manavendra Singh Gohil took a leading step with their extensive research, to address the issues of LGBT seniors. Lakshya Trust and its partners plans to start a home for elderly LGBT groups to cater the generic needs as well as health care amongst the HIV infected LGBT groups.