WHY Me? Communicating With The Invisible

Friday, 02 September 2011 14:13

Women in India as in most of the South Asian countries stand marginalized pertaining to various policies, programs, services, particularly if the issues are revolving around sexuality and HIV/AIDS.  Reaching out to the female partners of MSM through a comprehensive STI, HIV/AIDS service package poses a challenge.  Women are the first among the vulnerable populations in the context of HIV/AIDS awareness programs globally especially so in India.  The institution of marriage is “sacred” with many unwritten rules marginalizing the fairer sex where patriarchy rules.  Every child born and brought up in this culture is strongly expected to marry heterosexually.  Women married to MSM stand vulnerable in the context of accessibility of STI, HIV services due to the various issues revolving around confidentiality, masculinity, patriarchy and power dynamics which needs to be skillfully addressed.