How do we work with female partners of MSM?

  • We started with Reproductive child health program with the ongoing HIV/AIDSD Prevention project in 2004.
  • Identification of female peer educators who are female partners of MSM.
  • In depth interviews of female partner of MSM.
  • Focus group discussions with the group.
  • Case studies of female partners of MSM.

Out Come.

  • Presently we work with 100 females.
  • Majority of them were not aware about the knowledge of HIV/AIDS.
  • Most of these female  were subjected to oral, anal & vaginal penetration by their male Partners.
  • Awareness level about condom (14% regular users & 86% irregular users)
  • Out of 100,45 females reported STIs symptoms like..syphilis , Gonorrhea & mixed in Infection.
  • Female partners of bisexual men lack the power of choice in using/ not using condoms During sexual activities.

Mental health and sexual health issues of female partners of MSM.

  • Depression
  • Feelings of emotional dissatisfaction.
  • Frustration.
  • Irritation due to partners sexuality. (kothi & bisexual).
  • Emotinal Crisis.
  • Adjustment problems.
  • Feelings of being cheated.
  • Forced for anal & oral sex by male partner.
  • Due to shame and lack of knowledge STis female not treated.




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