MSM and HIV – Country Situation.

The following and additional data and citations can be found at HIV Prevalence(2006)

  • 6.4% nationwide among MSM, 20 times higher than HIV prevalence of the general Population (0.3%).
  • 10% prevalence in MSM in southern and northeastern states.
  • Highest in large cities: 32.8% in Delhi; 23.6% in Pune; 19.2% in Bangalore; 14% in Gujarat.
  • Alarming HIV prevalence among transgendered/hijra communities where prevalence Varies between 26 and 49 per cent (Mumbai and Delhi respectively).

Goal of our HIV/AIDS work: To minimize the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable population in the community and to the provide quality services for their sexual health needs, lessen the overall incidents of STDs, HIV/AIDS through focused holistic intervention through enabling environment & empowering the community to seek safe sexual behavior.